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  1. hi nick,

    I wouldn't of put Andrea down as the nervous type?? :db:


    I even got a cuddle on the 1st date... Admittedly she did think it was you though! :ph34r: :rofl:

    andrea says hi and that you are a tw#t :rofl:
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  2. hi all, would just like to add our thanks for a fantastic weekend, was a bit concerned how we would be welcomed at the camp site (andrea was very worried) as it was our first time, but as soon as we arrived we were welcomed with open arms, simon b helped with our tent, and many more offered, as soon as we were unpacked dan e invited us over for for a couple of beers, then andrea started to prep the chilli and once again help came and soon got it all done, it was a good atmosphere on the evenings and everyone mucked in to make it a great camping weekend, looking forward to the next one, thanks again to everyone, cheers ivan & andrea

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  3. took the kit to torque tune, got a good increase of power ,but seems i have a couple of issues, i need bigger idle jets, got 35s in at the moment, could do with 40s or 45s, and seems the exhaust manifold is holding it back slightly, but not to worried about that at the moment, being a complete novice does the idle jets being changed make sense? what was happening was,travelling at about 1500rpm then floor the gas pedal it seems to hesitate a bit which throws your head forward because all power goes then it suddenly takes off and throws your head back,(not quite as bad since russ tweaked it) wifes trying to get a whiplash claim off me, anyone got any ideas? (not about the whiplash claim) also the manifold is a 4 into1 but is quite compact and all goes into 1 under the bonnet, so all you see outside is just the one pipe, but like i said not to worried about that, just want it to run smoother, cheers ivan

  4. nachos, chilli and elliotts finest beer, sounds like its going to be a good night, just out of interest, roughly how many usually camp over night, do i need a bigger trailer ? (oniy joking)

  5. hi all, just want to second what sharky has said about the westfield day, i went on the sunday all day, got there expecting lots of people, but there ended up being just two of us, top result !! :D got to drive both cars a lot (got well battered about) found it a bit tricky at first,(not aggresive enough with my right foot), then after a while and being told to thrash the ar#e out of the car soon got the hang of things, what was good, was the way they let you drive the cars without them at the side of you, they stood well away and watched then gave you more constructive advice, in the afternoon just 5 more people turned up so still ended up having lots of driving time,don't know if anyone saw the westfield drift cars at stoneliegh last year, that is what they let you do, had a fantastic day and hats off to simon and steve from westfield they both know there stuff, hope to do it again sometime.

  6. got my 2b booked in with russ at torque tune tomorrow, as recomended by dan e and mark b, hopfully he can get my twin 40s set up so the car runs smoother, instead of coughing and sneezing, will let you know how it goes, ivan

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  7. me and the other half don't mind helping out, also thought of doing a big pan of chilli for sunday evening for campers, if people don't mind, it's our first time as club members so thought we would ask first just incase anyone else was already doing something like it, don't want to tread on anyone toes,just thought we could do our bit to help, cheers ivan & andrea

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  8. went on msn home page earlier, spotted a video of a strongman contestant trying to lift a stone ball, but he dosen't quite make it, made me cringe a bit, just wondered if anyone else has seen it?

  9. hi, does anyone know if there are any shows or kit car related events on the 18th-19th may, in or around the yorkshire area, got a weekend to myself, thought i'd make the most of it, thanks ivan

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