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  1. jaimo


    Wanted front arches for my robin hood exmo as the wings on it need removing due to not my taste hopefully not too expensive thanks
  2. jaimo


    Does show how to put relay on if my car has one at moment it looks like it just using the one speed wiper
  3. jaimo


    The mini I set up is what I have I found it hanging down under dash right hand side needs securing and 2 wires out of it power this up and it goes one speed got to find where tobwire it to stalks and how to make it use intermittent etc etc any help guys please
  4. jaimo


    Any pics for these mods thanks
  5. jaimo


    on biksz 2b it has sort of locating pin for bonnet shud i have some or are they a diy project as they hold it in place on one side while get orther on then clip down
  6. jaimo

    Pinto Rad Hoses

    that didnt work why?
  7. just bought an exmo and find that the bonnet is really flimsy when removing and refitting and flops about making it hrd to handle is there anything i can do thanks
  8. jaimo

    Pinto Rad Hoses

    i am looking for those as well lol
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