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  1. In my travels across the internet I've seen one 7 style car wirh square headlights, and been unable to find them since. It looked really good. 

    Ideally should be road legal-ish with indicators built in, but i'd settle for dual beam. 

    Ive found the occasional chopper style motorcycle headlamp (not dual beam) and truck headlamp, but nothing perfect yet.

    Does anyone here have any ideas or links they can share? 

  2. On 4/27/2017 at 9:50 PM, magh said:

    That does look rather good may be the route I have to do down. Although mine is stainless so will be a challenge.


    As mentioned that picture shows the dash pushed fully up already to gain as much material in the corners so once the top is trimmed with leave a very narrrow height and I will struggle to mount my larger gauges between the top tube and steering coloumn.


    Hopefully it's just the wrong one sent out as I really do like the style but I'm not hopeful.

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread - but I see you are still active here.

    Did it turn out they simply sent the wrong dash? I ask because I'm looking at replacing my 2B dash using the one from kitspares/gbs you purchased, and it definitely is not rounded on top like the one they sent you - mine is much straighter across the top and sides, like all the other 2B photos posted.

  3. 11 hours ago, geordie40 said:

    I think I recognize the car, belonged to a friend near Liskeard in Cornwall, we did a couple of Autosolos (if its the same car). It was very quick!!

    Oh nice, small world! Yeah that is the car - I bought it not from your friend, but another owner had it for a short time after. He changed the wing mirrors but yeah, otherwise it is the same beast!

    When was that photo taken, out of interest?

  4. Hi All,

    I'm the new owner of a 2B (/4?) and a new member of the club and forum.

    It's on a Q plate and the first registration date lists 1991 (which at 1500cc was the first donor car), but it was rebuilt and returned to service with its first/new MOT on the Q plate in 2019 with a Zetec 2.0 silvertop with Weber 45 dcoe, ST170 exhast manifold, civic aluminium radiator + fan thermostat, type 9 gearbox, custom aluminium baffled fuel tank, race obp pedal box, custom exhaust, LSD and new coilovers all around. It's very racey but a bit rough around the edges (interior mainly)

    Out of interest I was wondering if anyone knows the history or recognises this car? It apparently started life in Wales and the engine swap might have occurred there, but actually completing the rebuild to the Zetec was completed in cornwall/sommerset. I've relocated it back to Cambridge and it ran like a dream the whole way.

    First project I think is to tidy up the interior with a CF/new dashboard and some minimal internal carpet. I'm also going to install a water temperature gauge and an oil pressure one (and maybe the sender too, not sure if one is already on the zetec).

    I'm also interested in meeting people in or around Cambridge with similar cars and similar experience with Zetec tuning. I'd love to hear from anyone that meets this description.




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  5. Hi, I'm a new member and I'm looking for experienced members near Cambridge. I'd love to have some more experienced eyes and ears take a look and listen at my 2B and get some advice and tips.

    What is the nearest regular meeting to Cambridge?

  6. 28 minutes ago, nelmo said:

    Probably worth trying to get a UK licence if you're here for any length of time? Pay for a couple of lessons and then the test is about £60 - save you more in the long run. 

    That's a good idea - and certainly I need to do this for track days (AFAICT).

    After all my negotiating (pleading lol) with insurance brokers I'm worried that a brand new UK licence might be evaluated worse than an old EU one. Its such a black box how they price this! I'll still do it I think.

    p.s. awesome build blog!

  7. Thought I'd follow up with the conclusion.

    Looking through my notes I called 15 specialist insurers and brokers today - to receive only a single quote. On the third call to Flux I was successful at getting a quote. I'd like to thank Luke at Flux for working with me on this.

    (For the record, the price was well north of £500 - if anyone is ever in the same situation as me, the EU licence added ~£400 to a 'normal' quote that would have otherwise been available to a >35yr old driver with no black marks on their record)

    Looking forward to joining the community!


  8. 1 hour ago, nelmo said:

    Have you asked the company who you have the normal car insurance through? You don't need a specialist insurer - any old lot will do...

    Unfortunately my existing insurer won't cover the Robin Hood at all.

  9. Hi all, new member here.

    I'm trying to organise insurance for a Kit Car I wish to purchase, but no one will even make me an offer because of the combination of being in the UK for 2 years and the EU drivers license. UK does not require exchanging the EU drivers license however, and discourages it. So I'm trapped. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I've called all the ones mentioned regularly in the forum without success.

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