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  1. Re-arrangements and cancellations have freed up my Saturday, so I’ve just bought day tickets for Ruby and me. I’ve been out in the car a bit of late, it’s filthy and I ain’t washing it now, so it’ll be more hide & gloom than show & shine. I will, however, be bringing along a bingo prize 👍 have a great evening, we’ll see you in the morning 🙂

  2. 1 hour ago, theduck said:

    Not discountinued, but not currently available in europe due to poor fuel efficiency rating, a lot of similar tyres have been affected :(

    Ah, ok, I'll wait until Boris sorts this out for us after the 31st October.🤔

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  3. I used a London Taxi heater; the one they fit under the driver seat to heat the rear passenger compartment. It's compact (sits nicely on top of the tunnel) and has 3 speed motor. Just need to fabricate a panel to connect your air ducts to.


    Picture stolen from ebay:


  4. I recently stripped my Pinto to pieces and rebuilt. After rebuild I was blowing smoke from the exhaust when giving the car some beans. Turned out, I'd made a schoolboy error and overfilled oil. It wasn't much over level, but it made a big difference once level corrected; no more smoke. Worth a check?


    BTW mine has PCV plumbed back into inlet manifold.



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