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Status Updates posted by GambolGold

  1. Wow, glad to be back. It's been too long.

  2. Fixing unreliable ignition key barrel - with what ..... to be continued

  3. MOT on Wednesday - yipee!

  4. extricate car from garage, MOT, insurance, tax, paint, use.

    1. kevin the chicken

      kevin the chicken

      Good plan but paint is optional


  5. Installing 'completed' (?) ignition module kit (and anciliaries) and repinting galvanized mild steel mono-coque car.

  6. Just completed the electronics kit (Digital Hand Controller) intended to programme the ignition module I built from a kit a while ago. Next is to put them both together to see if they work, and after that to install the system on the car.

  7. Holes for mounting the circuit board in the box need 'adjusting' with a small round file - I must find one.

  8. Finished soldering componetns onto circuit board for PIC-chip-driven programmable ignition module. Next: external wires, mount it all in a box, then then the adventure of getting it to work will begin. - oh and must pay my subs for 2011.

  9. Have to sell my MR2 to get the RH back on the road.

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