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Status Updates posted by speedtripledan

  1. everyman needs a project

  2. bit like forest gump except its driving the car i cannot stop driving it

  3. now the cars fixed its raining !

  4. xmas beer brewed today, new recipe so should be interesting ! honey dark ale

  5. 998cc 180bhp its the future

  6. trailer now 8/10th complete

  7. 1/2 2b trailer is 1/2 complete....

  8. wheres my westfield want it know !!

    1. owlman2222


      good things come to thos who wait but if you cant you can have mine and i will wait for the v8

    2. Shaft


      go and fetch it then....

  9. spent all day doing not a lot on the Kit, silly little jobs that always take a while

  10. Cars ready for the sunshine ...when it finally comes out..

    1. Shaft


      i'm right behind ya Dan

    2. fry61


      sun's out ;it's the clouds buggering the view

  11. nearly finished winter mods and winter has barely started

  12. going mountain walking for a couple of days WHY ???

  13. cracking drive home from area meet last night

  14. why does life go through dips and highs ?

  15. double naffed off can,t do newark and the car has got to go

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