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  1. My 2.0l efi did just that, was the stem seals but when sorting them found the cam was well worn out newly aquired recon engine going in next week
  2. HI, I Got GBS to finish my sump, with side box nothing special but it does the job and a lot cheaper than other ones i,d looked in to.
  3. gonna wait i think and do a cossy 24v will be hard but i,m sure it can be done???
  4. thanks for your responce. i think i,m gonna find another pinto as you say it will be easier, if i,m gonna spend time and money messing around i,ll find something more cosworth 24v ish with some serious power...
  5. Hi, Thanks for your response i,m up in derbyshire very near gbs as it goes i think i,m going to sell the engine and try and find a decent pinto it would be a lot easier by all accounts shame though as the dohc and gearbox is perfect the donor car even came with 7yrs history.....
  6. Just wondering if anyone has swapped a 2.0l pinto injection to dohc 8v got a whole sierra cheap with a sound engine the pinto is knackerd. Can it go on the type 9 box ? is there enough clearance around the pedal box ? will it fit height wise? Cheers
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