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  1. MarkBzero

    Stafford Show

    I'll be there on Saturday in tintop. Pick up Zero tomorrow I garantee it will not be ready.....until December.....2011, 2012, 2013
  2. Collection day on Wednesday ;)

  3. At long last after many years of dreaming the day has come. On Wednesday I will be collecting my Zero 2468 kit with a few extra's- seats, stainless panels, lowered floor and powder coated chassis. No doubt I will see some other goodies in the showroom (don't tell the wife). My dad is going to travel 140 miles to my house then the 2 1/2 hour drive to GBS to help I think he is trying to gain a bit of his youth back! at last.... Mark
  4. Hi Craig, I am going to use a old crossflow three main reasons it was in the donor vehicle, its cheap to maintain and easy to tune. So far I have not had any problems getting parts. Its not necessarily speed or power I want but a enjoyable build, ability to cruise and meet other RHOCAR members. Mark
  5. MarkBzero

    Selecting Gauges

    I agree with the others ETB gauges are great and the team are very helpful. Ultimately its up to you and your imagination on dash design. Regards Mark
  6. Jamie, Looking really good I collect mine on Wednesday looks like I need to buy a lot more clamps and clekos. Anything else you can think off? Regards Mark
  7. The site is looking really good. I have nothing but good comments about GBS, always helpful and flexible. I pick up my kit on 7th July and I am sure it will be a good day. Mark
  8. Graham, Looking good I wish my garage was a big as yours. I will use these picture as reference when I pick the kit up next month. Let me know when you post more. Regards Mark
  9. Steve, Looking good I pick my Zero up 2-3 weeks everything is clean, painted and ready to go. Getting excited....nervous. One question did you use washers or tube on the diff spacers, can't see clearly from the photo? Regards Mark
  10. MarkBzero

    Fuel Lines

    Hi All, Just about to order fuel lines, so many to choose from. Can you please advise in your opinion which type of fuel line I should use? Plastic, Copper, Rubber, Stainless steel overbraid Also what is the ideal gap between p clips? Cheers
  11. I think Ebay is great I was going to order some odds and sods for the car through CBS (good company) but then had a quick search on Ebay found a lot of bits and saved £58. Always worth looking.
  12. MarkBzero

    New Forum

    IT is not my strong point however the change looks good and the map is brilliant.
  13. MarkBzero

    Member Map

    Good application great for planning convoys.
  14. Same here good day out. Finally oredered the Zero kit car Richard was very helpful and swapped some items around that I did not need, fingers crossed should be ready for collection mid-June. The RHOCAR stand was friendly as ever great brew! - thanks Ian. Hopefully next year I'll be there in the car (time permitting). Be prepared for the newbie build questions.
  15. MarkBzero

    Cv Joints

    Not much help but they are the same as my drive shafts I took off a sierra a few weeks ago. As I owned the car for a 3 months and decided not to strip the CV joint just clean old greae out and replace the boot/gaiters from ebay (Stretch cv boot kit) comes with a grease pack. I did replace the wheel bearings.
  16. Hi All, Has anybody used these stretch CV boot on ebay? Are they any good? Do they last? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/UNIVERSAL-STRETCH-CV...=item27afd13734 Regards Mark
  17. MarkBzero

    Free Website

    Looks good. I was designing a blog space for my build but IT security in work has just blocked all blogs and social networking sites. This might allow people in work to see my progress (or lack of progress). Regards Mark
  18. Dan - thank you. Excellent tip on slide a boot medium gaiter on ebay - Ordered. Regards Mark
  19. A few years ago the kids had a coin maker from argos for Christmas you can make plain coins if you don't use the stamp/press, silver or gold. You have to melt the chocolate, then use the template, keep cold in fridge for about an hour and finally wrap them. Lots of sticky fun , about £15.00 Pink Golden Coin Maker. 383/8190. Regards Mark
  20. Iggy, Nice dash I am thinking of using carbon how easy was it to cut accurately? Regards Mark
  21. Great news you always gave me confidence during the kit car shows. Best of luck. Going to order the Zero very soon thanks for emails. Regards Mark
  22. Jess, Made a mistake on the engine chioce - ebay sierra good runner advertised as 1.6 pinto won the bidding war (sierra's are getting thin on the ground) the seller drove it to my brother-in-laws house. He's 150 miles away and siad it sounded OK, no smoke a bit of documented history so I was happy. Got the car transported to Telford drove it off the transporter and around the estate agian I was happy. Pulled into the driveway to have a good look under the bonnet C**P it had a 1.6 crossflow fitted I checked the history its a 1984/5 Ford sierra import from South Africa. Ford South Africa fitted xflow until the end of 1985. Don't get me wrong I like xflow and they have a lot of potential. Therefore I am going to stick with it and plan for a winter upgrade in a few years. Bottom line don't buy a car of ebay without seeing it yourself! Mark
  23. Hi, I have finished stripping the sierra and started to clean, service and paint everything. Before I actually order the RH Zero what else should I be thinking of buying in advance (i.e. nuts, bolts, tools etc). Misses doesn't know about the kit car fund but I want to be as ready as possible and spend a little per month until the kit arrives. Thank you Mark
  24. Nick, Looking really good I am still stripping the donor vehicle. Did GBS powdercoat the chasis if yes is the finish good? Not going to order the kit untill the parts are ready due to limited space. Regards Mark
  25. MarkBzero

    What Do You Do?

    Left school joined army 'REME' for 11 years medical discharge due to injury. Now classed as a war pensioner age 36. Worked in various garages, had ago at MAC tools franchise for 12 months. Joined the AA as a patrol, various promotions I am now the Quality Manager responsible for the management system. Great topic, what a varied response a bit like the cars no two are the same. Regards Mark
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