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    What Do You Do?

    Left school joined army 'REME' for 11 years medical discharge due to injury. Now classed as a war pensioner age 36. Worked in various garages, had ago at MAC tools franchise for 12 months. Joined the AA as a patrol, various promotions I am now the Quality Manager responsible for the management system. Great topic, what a varied response a bit like the cars no two are the same. Regards Mark
  2. Daz, Looks really good, its surprising how difficult it is to decide the final layout. I'm still stripping the donor and I have shed loads of photos from the shows and various build sites...... but still can not decide. Well plenty of time yet - ETB dials on wish list. Regards Mark
  3. Grizzly, I found your site very interesting and useful. I intend to use this for my Zero can you post a picture of the hinge area please? Regards Mark
  4. MarkBzero


    My donor has been using the additive with no problems for years. Although I might change the engine after IVA but for now I'm going to keep using the additive. Stick with it unless you have problems with your valves and seats. Regards Mark
  5. Graham, When did you order your Zero, I am still stripping my donor vehicle and looking for the current lead time? Regards Mark
  6. Hi Jon, I hope mine looks as good as this and I am so envious of the garage space. Well done. Mark
  7. MarkBzero

    What Engine To Use

    I agree with the age related plate idea, but when I found my donor vehicle it was advertised as a pinto sierra on ebay. The old owner drove it to my brother in laws 150 miles away from me. He said it was running ok so I got transported to my house. Would you beleive it was fitted with the old crossflow engine the sierra was imported from South africa. However I like the engine and it is simple to repair and maintain. No problem with spare parts yet! So I have decide to keep it, maybe I'll change my mind after the IVA. Regards Mark
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