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  1. When is C'brgh and are non-members (albeit ex-members!) allowed along to spectate/meet old friends?
  2. Having done the K transplant referred to in the earlier post the sensible advice would be to stay clear of the K, yes, as it's lots of effort for not much reward. If it's power you want you'll spend a comparatively silly amount to get decent power compared to something like a Honda, Ford Zetec or the good old Vauxhall. Surprised no-one has tried a Peugeot Mi16 (XU) block yet, though, they canter over quite a bit so would probably go under the standard bonnet, and they make decent power too - 163bhp in standard form and 180-185 with little extra effort (carbs/TB's). I agree the obvious choice is a Zetec or Vauxhall...
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