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Found 4 results

  1. Ive just returned from my annual French jaunt. DFDS cancelled my ferry to Dieppe at the last moment as their loading ramp broke down. The replacement journey from dover to calais got me to the campsite too late to get in. A cycle wing stay broke, luckily without any damage. & finally the alternator packed up....hence this post. A helpful village mechanic managed to find a new one after much searching. It is a Bosch, that looked identical to the unbadged one I had fitted, & it does charge OK...... but when I start the engine the ignition light stays on until I rev the engine to 3k revs. No good at all for a sneaky early Sunday morning run out. The ignition light is an LED if that make any difference. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Guest

    Alternator Not Charging Much

    Hi all, I'd be really grateful for any help you can give. I have a Robin Hood 2B with an alternator problem. The alternator charges but not much. With the engine running but lights off it's a bit over 13 volts, but dips rhythmic when I turn on the indicators and with headlights on it drops to 10 volts and the lights are very yellow. If I put on a mains charger the battery never needs more than about 30 minutes at 4 amps to top it up. It spins the engine over nice a quick, and starts it no problem. The charge light goes off as the engine starts. Things I've tried: Testing resistance from the B+ to the solenoid+: 0 Ohms. I pulled some solid core wire out of a mains cable and wired B+ directly to the battery + and the alternator case directly to the battery negative: No difference. Replaced the alternator: No difference. I'm out of ideas, so suggestions are very welcome. Cheers, Pete
  3. I have a few of these if anyone's interested you can have them as they are for self assembly, or I can make them up with tails to your preferred length and wire colour's. Available colours are: white, red, grey, yellow, black, green, brown/black, green/red, black/yellow, green/black, blue/red. see first photo for your wire colour positioning. I'll be listing them on the bay @ £8.00 for as is or £12.00 with tails. including postage via royal mail 2nd class. as a club discount I'll do them for £6.00 as is or £10.00 with tails. the picture of the alternator is for reference only unfortunately I don't have any of those for sale. please PM me with your order and I'll send my bank details for a bank transfer or my address and you can post me a cheque cheers Ivan
  4. Hey guys, I'm in the middle of getting my S7 on the road again and have now found the alternator doesn't seem to be charging. Its a standard pinto one. I have removed the rear casing to check the brushes and they appear fine however the battery stays at 12v and drops without raising up to 14v ever. There is a 2.2 mF capacitor on the rear aswell which is linked inline with the earthing part of the circuit, are these known to fail at all? Any advice on what could be the issue would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Daniel Hall
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