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Found 3 results

  1. Playing around with the ECU a ME100 and discovered it has a launch control function. Spoken the manufacturer and it appears to be straight forward a dash switch, clutch switch and resistor to 5v reference. Two questions; Has anyone else got launch control on their car, does it work effectively? Will it be OK with standard diff or do you need an LSD diff?
  2. Hi guys, looking for guidance from you knowledgeable crew. Tinkeritus demands that I change my aging Pinto in my 2B, for something a bit more modern. My wallet demands restraint! Any way I have bitten the bullet and bought a 62K Duratec from a Fiesta ST150, that was the cheap part. I have also purchased a cable clutch bellhousing for the type 9, and re-drilled the solid flywheel to take a pinto clutch. A lowered sump, and water rail have lightened my wallet considerably, the sump has come from Tiger racing, not as pretty as the raceline one but much cheaper. Now I am thinking about the fuelling, and ECU options, I need something that is not going to break the bank, but lets the motor run efficiently. BHP is not the end all in this instance, I will be happy to end up with the standard output (for now). This is where I need your advice, as I see it I have 4 options. Option 1, Fit the R1 carbs from the pinto, with a Danst manifold, and something like Megajolt for the sparks. This is the cheapest option I think, however I believe this is a backward step to take a fuel injected engine and fit carbs. Option 2, is to try and fit the single throttle body, and horrific manifold from the donor engine. I'm not sure if it would fit,(Pinto in car until winter shut down) and would probably require the engine to be fitted further forward, due to the position of the throttle body, also I would need to modify it to overcome the fly by wire throttle. Option 3, is to pay the ransom for ITBs, it's funny how throttle body kits seldom come with all the parts you actually need to run, i.e. fuel rails, throttle linkage, TPS, trumpets, to say nothing about injectors. Then I would need an ECU, like Megasquirt, Omex etc. Option 4, Danst engineering do a kit for bike throttle bodies with all the bits and pieces, plus an ECU to match at a more reasonable price. This last option is favorite at the moment, what do you think?
  3. Guest

    Emerald Ecu Map For Zetec

    Hi guys I'm looking for a map for my emerald ecu I have a ported and polished head Kent cams AT throttle body's on a blacktop zetec. It runs on base map but it will be under fueling and I need to run it before I take it to a rolling road. (Unless someone has the same spec and a good map)
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