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Found 4 results

  1. During the original (rushed) build I removed the sensor for low engine oil level from the block and tapped a wooden round peg in the round hole. Now, during a rebuild I have more time to consider... should I properly seal the hole, which kept weeping oil .. or reinstate the oil level warning sensor. To be honest I am thinking that it is not needed and just one more thing to leak or go wrong and I am not sure if it is just a single point sensor or a gradual sensor. So before I throw it away I was wondering if anyone else has fitted/used this sensor and has some experience to share.
  2. Went for our (girlfriend and I) first proper hol on the weekend, was supposed to stay at Youth hostel in Brecon but got scuppered by their drive.(Rang them first and explained the problem, never mind.) The car performed brilliantly other than giving me a sore knee due to not enough leg room for me, did want to fit test the newly fitted hood, but also glad I did't get the opportunity. My main problems are filter/sump, from reading the forums I will be acquiring a 420 sump/pickup but was wondering about the remote oil kits. There is one on eBay by mocal, but wasn't sure what they are like. Can't seem to see anyone else comment on here. I was going for braided hoses and the 90degree pickup. Are the hoses going to be ok? Read somewhere that I could blow the hoses off with high pressure? Is this a real concern or an unfortunate experience for someone? Other kit I found was on a site where they fitted the k series rover engine to a morris minor, kit looks a bit better but a lot more expensive. http://www.jlhmorrisminors.co.uk/store/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=11 Anyone have any experience of these. I also want to use the adjustable suspension on the super spec to lift front and rear but assume the suspension re set up won't be cheap? 400 miles down, sneaked up to 4000rpm couple of times (tunnel near monmouth, was with a lotus evora....you just have to don't you ) looking forward to getting the engine run in! Ta for any thoughts Ed
  3. Guest

    Dead Engine?

    So here it is. Nice day so I changed my oil for Valvolene 20w-50 on my 2.0 pinto engine. Take her for a drive to put some fuel in her after having very little in over winter. On my way back home so engine is warm nice long straight so give it some loud pedal get to lets say a swift speed holds it for a little them something goes pop? Oil pressure is down from being at 55ish psi to 20psi and water temp rises and LOTS of blue smoke. Got it home not very far like 1 mile driving slow turned her off. Now when I turn it on it still runs on all four cylinders but now making a clattering noise. (I think it sounds to be coming from cyl4 area) Took cam cover off and everything looks fine there. Any ideas? Please help.
  4. Guest

    Engine Oil Leak?

    Hello every one. First of thanks for reading. I have a series 3A with a 2lt pinto engine the head has been tuned to stage 3. The head gasket blew between cylinders 3+4 so I got to work and replaced it with an uprated one from burton. Also got the head checked and skimmed 10thou more but the new head gasket should fill that a bit. Today was my first little drive out nice and steady as the weather was ok ish. Got back had a little look around the engine bay for anything unexpected and there I found a nice little trail of oil coming from where the exhaust meets the engine on cylinder 1. Anybody know what this could be? I was thinking valve stem seals but don't really want to take the head off again just to do that. Also what oil grade does everyone use in a pinto? My motor factors told me it takes 5-30 semi synthetic. Thanks again.
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