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Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    Top Wish Bone Ball Joint

    Hi guys the season of good will is upon us , I HAVE A PROBLEM a bit like those jokes in a Christmas cracker you know when you think theres got to be an easy answer to this but i can't think of it right now . as you may or may not know i'm putting together a super spec all seemed good and going quite well after a few set backs .............until today i came to fit the cycle wings and noticed the top ball joint (track rod end ) on the upper wish bone had some play in it looking closer and after taking it off the thing that RH has cobbled together the nut is loose that holds it on , someone must have found a fix as its impossible to get a socket or spanner on the nut let alone turn it cheers Dave
  2. Guest

    Massive Flat Spot

    Hi All , i have posted about this before but now i have more information and require your Help , Just to recap this is a new build started after lying for ten years or more and now not far off completion , The engine starts and runs on tick over , (not if i touch the throttle ) it does take a few goes before that but when it starts it will cut out once or twice and then as it gets warm behave quite well the problem is it then has a massive flat spot if i try to do anything with the throttle , if i get over the flat spot and it will rev well , now here's the thing i have a sykes pickavant diagnostic that tells me there are no fault codes and all the sensors , coil ,injectors are all working within normal peramatures ., iv'e been on this for days and days now and not getting anywhere fast so before this ends up killing me or in the bin to be replaced with a v6 ford can anyone recall this happening to anyone else, any replies will be greatly received , could this be a problem with the fuel pressure regulator ?? cheers Dave
  3. I bought these from Richards lost garage find! thinking they would fit my car that was before I found out there are different super spec kit's!! I paid £50 plus £8 postage would like to see some of it back so £58 ovvno including postage ,(normal posting restrictions apply i.e. highlands and island etc.) I'll be putting them on fleabay at the weekend. title should read covers at the end!!
  4. Hi All, I am slowly getting my Super Spec back on the road after a long time sat in the garage (7 long years), there are lots of jobs to do including re-wiring the electrics as i have never been happy with them. I noticed that the rubber on the track rod ends have perished and will need replacing, does anybody know what these are from and where i may get replacements? Before i put it in the garage all them years ago there was a horrible shaking coming from what I can only assume was the prop shaft at anything above 25mph, has anybody else had issues like this and if so what did you find the problem was? Also, before I try and start the engine is there anything I should do such as trying to crank by hand or moving the car forward and back in gear to prevent any damage due to the fact its been sitting for so long? Sorry for all the questions! Cheers, Bugsy
  5. Guest

    New Builder Help

    Hello, I have taken on a part built kit which from reading posts and looking at the poictures I think is a 2B super spec with a rover dohc engine. I have no instructions and can already see several issues with what has already been done. This post (if it works) might find a builder/owner who can help answer my questions OR even better someone who has a similar car somewhere near Bedford who would let me come and have a look. Can any one help please?
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