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Rubbish Weather Mods

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#1 mcramsay


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Posted 11 August 2017 - 06:26 PM

So after 500 miles in the marlin the temperature when running is still erratic it seems to be after the car has warmed up and left for a while on the second run the temps start rising well over what they should. As the weather is rubbish I have brought toward my winter mods so this weekend will see a new Davies craig ep150 ( which is rated for 6 litre v8s) with digital controller fitted. This requires the oem thermostat to be left out of the system and the impeller on the mech water pump to be removed, luckily I have a spare pump which I have removed the impeller from.

The digital controller becomes the new thermostat and controls the pump and rad fan to achieve the set temperature.

I am also going to fit the stock m3 header tank which will fit higher up in the engine bay and hopefully higher than the top of the radiator. However this has a 2 bar cap fitted which I think is a bit extreme on a plastic tank.

Anyway the Davis craig pump is a bit of a punt but they seem to be fairly well rated on the net and help with slow speed cooling when there is little ram air which is the issue I have.

#2 steamer


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Posted 12 August 2017 - 05:07 PM

I have the alloy Davies Craig ep115 and the controller installed on my v8.

Absolute fantastic peice of kit and never had any overheating problems.

A couple of tips;
1) make sure the orientation of the pump is correct as failure to do so will result in air pockets accumulating in the pump resulting in decreased flow rates.

2) consider the extra 10amp+ loading on your alternator. For me, my alternator (at night time) is close to it's limits when the EWP + fan + headlights + fuel pump + everything else are all kicked in.

#3 mcramsay


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Posted 12 August 2017 - 09:34 PM

Cheers for the tips, looking online the Davis craig set up looks to be highly rated however there are a few that say it's useless when you are ragging the car on a track ... something I don't plan on doing, maybe once too see what I think!
I would just like to be able to drive the car without looking at the trip gauge all the time, I am hoping the controller works better than the kenlowe set up I am currently using which has the sensor you push in between the rad fins.. it doesn't work too well!

I have a 70A alternator fitted so it should supply plenty of power, hopefully!

Thanks for the tips!

#4 mcramsay


    Wheely good builder!

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Posted 01 September 2017 - 04:26 PM

Well I've now given up trying to fit the Davies Craig pump, no matter what location I put it in it fouls something or I can't get a pipe run to it.

If I fit it under the rad it leaves 4" clearance to the floor, any movement on the front suspension on bumpy roads and I can say good bye to the pump, the car is sat high on the suspension as it is... so I was going to drop it down a bit which would make things worse,

Too much engine and too little space in the engine bay.

So a replacement thermostat and a few hours in the garage and the car will be back to standard.

Any one want an ep150 with an hours run time on it?

#5 florin metal works

florin metal works

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Posted 01 September 2017 - 06:41 PM

Surely once the system is filled it doesn't matter where the pump is located -- full of water & running the pump will work so any location below the top of the rad/expansion tank should do.  May need to fit a bleed nipple to ensure all air is out of the pump but other wise why will mounting height make any difference?

#6 DanE


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Posted 02 September 2017 - 01:15 PM

How much for the pump? Do you have the controller?

Ssc stylus with a supercharged zetec 242bhp and 253ft lb of wheel spin.