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Hi all

Just received my (second-hand) part built S7. It's mostly stainless steel (which i understand was an option?) . As best I can tell it's a Series 1 Sierra based car. Would post pictures but I haven't mastered the knack -any pointers? (in idiot-proof language please)

I've removed the CVH engine and gearbox and have to decide whether to put in a 2.0 Pinto or a 2.8 V6. :) First though I want to take the front sub-frame etc off and tart it up a bit. I also want to replace most of the fastenings (cut off bolts with no nylocks or spring washers and no threads poking through - SVA fail surely?


Any tips as to problem areas? Are there any others out there still building this model?


No doubt I'll be posting lots of questions which will be basic to most, so please bear with me :D

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Welcome to the site Robin

Don't worry about asking questions no matter how daft they may sound

(eg is bone heavier than Titanium :lol: :lol: Sorry Meggerblade :wub: )

there is nearly always an answer posted pretty quickly some of the answers may be good or some may poke fun :D :D

Good idea to join the club then you get a list of your local members and you will find out where they meet and you could even find a gang of them popping round for tea and biscuits

Also have a look at the websites you should find that most of your problems have been overcome before

Oh yes Have a look at Our website too :D :D :lol:

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There are probably some areas you should think about reinforcing on that chassis whilst you are at it to save them from cracking... plenty of peops will be able to advise, I have a 2b so don't follow closely, maybe the back of engine bay, somewhere near the rear axle & also wing mounting points spring to mind....


SVA may not have been necessary when it was built...



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Ok Robin, and welcome to the website.

right the monocoque cars, and the S7 or Sierra series 1, were never designed for going through SVA, but that doesn't mean they won't!


There is a lot to watch out for, just a few major items are. seat mountings need strengthening underneath, it's no good just putting through the floor pan.

Seat belt mounting need to come from just behind the seats, a 40x40 square tube welded between the roll over bar will be OK (similar to 2B) not from rear of boot, roll over bar will first need bringing up to 2" dia from base to where you'll mount the 40x40 tube. Slip a piece of scaffolding pipe over the original tube and weld it in place, it will also need fixing properly through the floor, and strengthening across under the floor.

Depending on which rear suspension (shockers & springs etc) are fitted, you may need to strengthen up around there.

There's all the usual items like running pipes ,wires etc, cliping them up, fuel lines & type of pipe used etc. sharp edges will be a problem around the front suspension, but can be sorted with a bit of thought.

I would doubt very much that the original RH seats would pass in the way they were supposed to be fitted, again food for thought,

the windscreen frame has square edges, this neads filing to round, make a gauge by drilling a 5mm (I think! correct me if I'm wrong guys!) hole in a piece of tin, then saw through the middle of it, to give you 2 semicircular gauges.

Make sure the windscreen glass has the kite mark or similar.

the rear light units will not pass unless you file the edges round on the reflector part in the middle of each lens.


Just take it one step at a time, and don't be frightened to ask.

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I'm currently in the process of co-(re)building a part built Series 7 (Now nearly completed but still got to SVA).


Jim has highlighted most of the issues we have come accross. If you are struggling for insiration drop me a mail as I may be able to help with photo's etc..





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Welcome Robin,


I have an early S7 with a 2.8 V6 fitted. See my website for a few photos in the gallery. The fuel injenction takes up quite a bit of space, so if you want a heater you may want to go carbs. Unless you put the battery in the boot, but that's not a good idea. (Others may tell you otherwise! - eh Bill)


Dont think my monocoque will help that much as is it is Cortina Based and I assume yours will be Sierra based, but if you need any help ask away.


Cheers Lee

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I have also started to put together a S7 kit ( seems there are a lot of unfinished projects around).


Mine is a S7 mk2 delux so interested as well in any build tips from you chaps out there. I have been advised it is a good idea to strenghten between engine bay and scuttle as cracks can appear, also to change the Sierra shocks at rear to I think it was corsa and move the fixing point lower to suit.


Found the meet with local group very useful, the informatiom came thick and fast so must take notes next time. Seats to fit seems an interesting topic.


Has anybody recently SVA'ed a S7?




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A chap at our area meet got his Mk1 S7 through SVA a week or two ago after 4 years or so of building. Damned good it looks too - he brought it to the area meet last Wednesday in the sub zero temperatures to show it off!


Front suspension bits were covered up nicely, original Mk1 indicators replaced with SVA compliant ones, few other bits and bobs to avoid the dreaded cone, but not too many issues.



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