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  1. Just to refresh a VERY VERY old thread….I now have A190FBC back!! Couldn’t resist it when it came up for sale after a long restoration by a local guy… I have no Robin Hoods anymore but it sits happily next to my TVR V8S in the garage hope everyone is well in the RH group
  2. Pete - ask on the zroadster forum we're both on if you haven't already (not been on it for a few days). I chatted to a guy at an event last year where he had a similar issue - cable snapped near to lever inside car due to non lubrication of bonnet catches. There is a trick to do it but can't remember it, and its a lot simpler than your proposed process to reopen. Cheers Andy
  3. Come on then, spill the beans, what did you end up with? Well done
  4. Just one after thought / bit of advice...check tyre age carefully when you buy. Tyres will have an age code on them, easily found on a search engine. Anything approaching or over 5 years old budget for replacements (some of the single axle vans need 8 ply higher load rated tyres). Its just not worth risking - blow outs are very bad news, mostly for safety reasons but if you are lucky to escape unharmed, the damage through the thin plastic wheelarches from a disintegrating tyre can be unbelievable and cost more than a budget van is worth to repair.
  5. Dealer trade ins can be a good source. That's how we got our first van. Bought with no warranty and cheap, but he showed me that everything worked and went round with the damp meter to show all areas were under 16%. Lasted us 3 years, got a bit of damp and sold it honestly with damp declared for £75 more on eBay than we bought it for!!! Had it serviced every year which I think is a good idea. Raymond James in Atherstone always has some trade ins round the back. That's where we went. Honest and straight. Good luck Andy
  6. I had to part with just under £1800 to them yesterday. Similar amount that I have supposedly under paid for the last 2 or 3 years. It's getting tiresome, my pay hasn't changed much and I tell them every year to correct my tax code and they can't get it right. Just after I did my tax return in December, which said I owed them the said £1800, I got a new tax code letter 3 days later....giving me more take home money!! Damned crazy
  7. Good luck Peter. You'll enjoy the Z3. Whilst I opted for the 3 litre its rare to be able to use all the power, the 2.2's are well renowned for making the best noises. Seems like you already have a group of followers for Le Mans on the Z Forum!! You might just want to change the water pump while you're rebuilding. The originals are renowned for failing with bad consequences (rad, fan and hoses taken out) - the originals had a plastic impeller. Although mine's only done 48k I did mine over Xmas and the play in the bearings was shocking. New Meyle pump with metal impeller less than £30 delivered. Easy job by Hood building / maintenance standards!! Cheers Andy
  8. Good luck with the Z3 repair Peter. They're interesting little motors. Not as raw as the 2b but I love the sound of the 6 pot!
  9. I'm chuffed to bits with my Z3. It was a low owner 46k miler with loads of history, 2002 and only £4.4k. Lots of smiles for the money. I use it a lot more than the kit and it's been a nice change.......BUT I really do miss the rawness and sheer noisy grunt of the Hood, as well as the head turning nature of it. I looked at Z4s and thought they were very bland...at least the Z3 is a bit more retro looking. Supposedly they don't drive or handle well but I disagree. I nearly bought your V8 from Alan before you did and it's a terrific motor....be careful what you wish for as anything mainstream, even at your budget, could well be a serious anti climax. Good luck, be interested to see what you end up with.
  10. I used to have the same problem on the zetec occasionally - never really worked out how. Def wasn't an engine water leak as no evidence and never used a drop of coolant. Had a louvred bonnet but didn't go out in the rain much. One of those unexplained mysteries. I never found it affected performance, but didn't get to the levels Nigel experienced.
  11. That mod worked for me on my old S7 when I had that exact problem. I had to replace one driveshaft due to damage.
  12. On the Sierra Mk1 S7 if you think it is bottoming out, it may be actually part of the driveshaft hitting a small section of the body. This is easily trimmed to stop the problem, I did this on my mk1 S7 many years ago. Can you see any evidence of scraping or impact on the driveshafts? If so I have a document somewhere to show what to do, Peter Bell also had a copy if I remember correctly. I also fitted caravan spring assistors on my S7 to good effect to prevent this issue. New rear shocks also helped, and we're cheap.
  13. Just popped out and its on the shelves, the August issue. Page 12. Phil's 2b, Unclechief's zero and Maw's Superspec with yellow nosecone and green arches all in the pic
  14. Haven't got it in front of me, guess its August, as I get it a bit earlier than it hits the shops as a subscriber. I know one of the main titles on the front cover is 'Wedgefest' with a TR7 and Bond Bug. Will scan when I get home later (if my sieve of a brain remembers!) Cheers
  15. Zetecs are fussy but you don't need very expensive fully synthetic. The Ford spec 5W30 semi synthetic is the way to go and you won't have any problems, not that expensive either - the Supermarkets stock it as well as the usual other outlets such as Halfrauds.
  16. I'm a subscriber to Practical Classics and got my latest edition early - there is some coverage of the Coventry Motorfest and RHOCAR is the main element of the article picture! Banner up and cars parked at the front of the museum and I think Phil's car is there along with a Zero and a 2B with yellow nosecone. Will try and remember to scan in at some point. Nice one. Andy
  17. Sounds about right. Fan will be on when idling and stationary. Mine used to creep to 96 or 97 in heavy traffic when hot. Suspect you are about there with it. Cheers
  18. Andy Spencer

    Air Con

    I don't think beemers are much worse than any other brand, they all have their issues, although the 4 cyl diesel timing chains can cost 6k plus when they go, and we've had a few at work. After years of BMW and Merc motoring for daily drivers (I do 35k miles plus per year) I more recently opted for a VW CC which I'm enjoying and hasn't put a foot wrong over 32k miles so far. Nice looks, very comfy and seriously economical, even for a big diesel auto. Cheers
  19. Andy Spencer

    Air Con

    Yep well known problem. Big fleet of 3s and 5s (over 100) at our work and aircon and 4 pot Diesel engine timing chain failure are the hot issues.......
  20. Nice Austin FX4 taxi rear lights! Good luck with it, looks solid enough to build on....
  21. I had two 3mm holes and worked fine for 7 years. You need some flow through the rail and stat to open it and this compromise worked fine for me... Cheers
  22. Oh remember it so well. Made same mistake on my old S7 years ago. Rebuilt 2 ltr pinto, spent hours without an alignment tool getting engine and box mated up. Carefully fired up....2 mins later rearmost core plug went. It's daft as new core plugs cost me about a fiver on eBay I remember! Hopefully you'll be sorted now Phil Cheers
  23. We had our first caravanning outing to Carsington Fields, a nice site. Don't go on the hardstandings, a nicer grass pitch at the top of the site is better. Knockerdown pub campsite is OK if you want pub beer and food on the doorstep. Bakewell C&CC site is also terrific, but no loos or showers, just disposal points. Access road can get tight with walkers parking so maybe not a first trip out! We regularly go a weekend (or a week in summer) without hookup, just using battery, get a 110Ah one if it will fit. Even used the TV on an AC converter for an hour or so each day. No hookup means some lovely sites that many don't consider. If you fit a 12S system and have a good car battery you can use that a bit as well (carefully, for obvious reasons) and top up while out driving in the day. Just remember to disconnect before driving off, as I didn't do once!! Enjoy. Its great.
  24. Nice one. We had a Swift twin axle with the same layout and it's great. Enjoy!
  25. I always used Sureterm Direct for the 2b, underwritten by Highway. When I changed to the Z3 they said they couldn't insure it on a low mileage classic or kit type policy as it was too new. Tried ClassicLine insurance in Hinckley, massively helpful, do kits, caravans, 4x4s, classics etc...did me a good 3k mile classic policy deal and guess what....underwritten by Highway!!!!!
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