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  1. Hi Alan, This is the part: http://www.eurocarparts.com/search/617545005 It was QSJ972S Cheers M
  2. Hi Everyone, Apologises for the delay... I only got to this earlier this morning... The good news is the part referenced above fitted perfectly and after a couple of hours of "f-ing and jeffing" I managed to replace the part. A quick trip down the MOT station and I'm pleased to say it passed! So for all the Superspec owners out there, hopefully that is another part number identified! At least with my MOT now being in the middle of the season I might actually get out a bit more early season next year! Thank you to everyone for your input and offers of help. Matthew
  3. Hi Peter, I got the ball joint from Euro Car Spares... A quick look the other day and it looks right, but I won't know until I attempt to remove it - which I'm going to attempt tomorrow morning! Having looked online you probably need the special removing tool but I'm going to have to plump for a hammer and blunt chisel to get it moving... Best wishes Matthew
  4. Thanks everyone! I've sourced the Peugeot ball joint from Euro Car Spares... the picture online looks exactly what I need but I'm only going to know when it arrives & I take out the old one! I'll keep you all posted!
  5. Hi Everyone, Yep it's me again asking for help (!) I hope one day to be able to return the favour! My SuperSpec failed it's MOT on play in the front lower suspension... can anyone tell me what this part is off in the link below: https://v3.pebblepad.co.uk/spa/#/public/txb6HrsGrWbh6446xtmkzbxHsy The donor car is a 1983 Ford Sierra but from looking at pictures online the part doesn't look like it has come off a Sierra? I'm hoping a clever bod out there can identify this for me
  6. maw

    Engine Won't Turn Over

    Thanks Bob... I'm going to give it a right good once over tomorrow...
  7. maw

    Engine Won't Turn Over

    I'll give them a go & let you all know tomorrow:) If I'm jumping the battery off my other car surely I'm getting enough power?
  8. maw

    Engine Won't Turn Over

    I'm not entirely sure... It's hard to tell... I would say it's near the starter motor which is what made me think it was that...
  9. maw

    Engine Won't Turn Over

    I have had the battery off to charge it... I'll tighten them up properly, I'll try rocking in gear & I'll it a tap! Cover all the bases!
  10. maw

    Engine Won't Turn Over

    Thanks Chris... that's a nice trick to try but it's a two man job because I'm not inspector gadget (showing my age!)
  11. Tried to start my car today but I just keeping getting a ticking sound & nothing... It's a 2.1 Pinto Could it be the coil or starter motor? If so how can I check & eliminate one or the other before I buy new parts? I thought it was something obvious like a flat battery but I get the same ticking sound even when using jump leads off my other motor.
  12. I'm going to try & make it tomorrow
  13. Kerry mate, I've not forgotten & one day I'll get you back!
  14. I'm pleased to say that my car passed its MOT re-test today! Many thanks to Chris (Tractor) for coming over last Sunday and not just helping me but also teaching me loads of stuff! That is twice he's gone out of his way and helped me! I don't know if there are any RHOCaR awards that I can put Chris (Tractor) forward for - perhaps at the National Event? A big thumbs up from me to everyone in our wonderful club!
  15. Thanks all... They're disc brakes. 6-clicks to full lock so certainly need looking at... I didn't build the car but I'm hoping the discs are off the Sierra donor car (1983 Cosworth) and I can easily get a replacement cable! Tractor is kindly coming around to help me. I love RHOCaR!
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