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Need New Discs I Think


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Hi All,

I'm pretty sure I've warped my front discs.

Circa £40 for new ones, but can anyone out there encourage me to push the boat out for the drilled & grooved variety?

Looking for mitigation when I have to tell Mrs Grizzly how much I'll be needing to spend :D

I have no servo btw and seem to recall someone saying that 'EBC Greenstuff' were good :unknw:

Finally can anyone recommend a supplier?


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i was recommended not to bother with greenstuff pads, as there designed to work at higher temps, our cars being lighter and more air flowing around the discs dosnt allow them to stay at operating temp for long,


my front discs came from RH and have done over 20k now without problems, buy decent quality and they should last.




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Guest robinj66

I'm not sure that I would bother with drilled & grooved discs unless they are relatively cheap. I confess to fitting a pair on my Cobra (got them for about the same price as plain vented discs) but I don't think they add anything except "pose value"


Have a look on Ebay Eg, Visit My Website

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Hi, I had a 406 v6 coupe peugeot a while back and standard discs would warp after 1 heavy stop i put brembo drilled vented discs on that with green stuff pads £370 all in and you could stop from very high speeds repeatedly with no problems but that car was heavy and needed it !! only drawback was the green stuff pads need to be warm to work 100% round town they were very wooden once hot though they really bite.. my hood has only got little solid discs on and normal pads and it out stops the old peugeot all day long and they never fade (even at barkstone on sat )

Good luck


They look better thou B)

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Guest chris brown

I'm with others. Just go down the motor factors and pick up standard items they are cheap and will stop the hood ok even on track. Are you sure yours are warped i.e. is it kicking back through the pedal and locking one wheel way before the other? I wouldn’t have thought enough heat could be generated to warp them.

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Guest robinj66

I should point out that the link in my previous post is not my website. Forgot to put my own wording in there before I pressed "return" :80:


It was just a cheap source of discs on Ebay.

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Cheers Guys, I'll get the wheels off (if I can stop them turning long enough :D ) and have a close look to see if they're running out.

All I know really at the moment, is that when I brake, the steering wheel wobbles and you can also sometimes feel it in the pedal too.

They do vary though - sometimes seeming worse, sometimes not too bad.

When your rolling to a stop in traffic for example, I can feel them bite and then loosen off, than bite again etc, even though the pedal pressure is constant.

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Just because they run out doesn't mean they are warped. They are only held against the hub by the wheel-nuts on Most Sierras (and therefore Hoods). You often find that the rusty crud that builds up on the un-worn parts of the disc can get in between the disc and the hub when the wheel is removed and the disc is allowed to shift. When the wheel goes back on it traps some stuff in between and they don't sit flat against the hub and won't run true.


First off I'd pull the discs off and make sure they and the hub faces are clean - then refit and either see if the problem goes away or start looking for run-out once you're sure it's a problem with the disc you'll be looking at. Whilst you're in there make sure the caliper slides freely in it's carrier because if it's siezed it'll kill a set of discs on it's own.



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Guest Ramraider
Hi Iain,

Thanks for this. I was aware that this could be a problem, so I'll check that out beforehand.

I'll also check that the calipers are sliding too.

Thanks again... Steve.


Just to note, it's always a good idea to utilise an anti-seize compound such as copper slip on the face of the hub as this severely reduces the risk of rust build up, it can also be used to lube the sliders, but I prefer red grease (stuff designed for rubber) for the sliders.

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