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Exhaust Smoking After Engine Is Switched Off

Guest Welsh_S7

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Guest Welsh_S7

I've noticed on the last few times I've taken my S7 out that when I switch the engine off, within two minutes or so the exhaust starts to get smoke coming from it. The first time this happened I thought my engine was on fire!


I'm presuming that the smoke is just from build up of soot within the exhaust but I'm not sure. This has happend nearly every time I've switched the engine off, regardless of whether the car has been ticking over from cold for 5 minutes or has been out for an hour-long blast.


Anyone got any ideas? She's running on a 2-litre Pinto 205 block with twin-40 dellarto carbs.

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If it is black sooty smoke then it is probably blowing out carbon. There are two reasons for this, 1. you are overfueling producing a lot of sooty unburned deposits, 2. your silencer wadding is now completely full off carbon and this is coming out after you switch of by heat convection.

If your tail pipe is black on the inside you probably have a bit to much fuel to air.


If the smoke is more like white steam then it is just condensation, worse this time of year.

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