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Gearbox - Close Ratio Or Not?

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I have a spare type 9 gearbox that came with my robin hood when i bought it and was told by the previous owner that it was a close ratio box out of an old mk II escort rally car. I am not to familiar with gerboxes, so how can i tell if its close ratio or normal? I need to sell it but don't want somone buying it and finding out ive got it wrong.


Any help would be appreciated



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You need to determine the ratio of each gear so select each in turn and turn the input shaft until the output has completed a complete revolution. This will be in the order of:

1st 3.65:1

2nd 1.97:1

3rd 1.37:1

4th 1.00:1

5th 0.82:1

For the standard Sierra box, the V6 box had a higher 1st (about 2.6:1). On a close ratio box 1st will be around 2.6:1 and 2nd and 3rd will be different but 4th will always be 1:1 with 5th as an overdrive.

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Look on the BGH Gearbox website (cant get to it from work at the mo!) they have a list of the ratios in their c/r boxes.


Im presently 750 miles into running in the new XE & the BGH close ratio box.

Both are performing very well

(eventually....dont ask... full story & pictures will be available at Barkstone!)


Bob....not mr Grumpy any more... :D

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Is it a 4 speed or a 5 speed?

If it a rally box then the only way to tell the ratios is to take of the top cover and count gear teeth.

The V6 box has a 3.36 to 1 first with a 1.81.to 1 second.


If you have a rally close ratio box, personally i would keep it.

Even with the longer 3.3 V6 box 1st is still to short, idealy a gearbox that gives you 45 in first 65 in second and 85 in third would be ideal

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Thanks for the replies fomr everyone. Its a 5 speed, but I have been busy with work so have not had just to go look at it yet. I will get up my lock up at the weekend and have a look at it and find out what it is. I was thinking about fitting it in my hood, but the thought of taking the engine and gearbox out again just isn't very appealing at the moment. I was told it needs a new input shaft bearing and that is why it was taken out of my hood before i bought it. Ill post my findings at the weekend

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