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Cv Joints

Guest Toejam

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Guest Toejam

Right I've finally decided to get back on with my kit and I'm stuck already so came back to pick your brains......


I'm starting to clean up the drive shafts GBS supplied me with and one of them has taken a right beating, the joint casing has split where it's been lumped with a hammer a few too many times.


Before I remove the casing I've been trying to track down the replacment parts, but I keep coming across either bolt together CV joints or Push together where the sleeve is a single piece. The ones I've got are a 2 piece sleeve ! ( The inner section slides over the main cover.)




I'm guessing this is just an early or late version of the single piece sleeve, but if anyone can confirm it would be a big help.


While I'm messing around replacing these is it worth renewing any other parts in the joint too ?





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Guest Toejam

The plot thickens !


I've been hunting through every builders pages / blogs / photos etc etc and can't find a pair of drive shafts the same so I opened up one joint.


I was expecting it to be a 2 part casing, but it's a cap over a solid CV joint body, rather than a sleeve that covers the whole joint.


I'm a little concerned as there is no sign of a matching pair on any builders site that they might not do the job now & also have no idea where to start the hunt for new caps as it doesn't match any sierra CV joints I've seen


Anyone got any ideas ?




On a side note ! how the hell do that fit that much grease into these things, I was covered in the stuff up to the elbows by the time I'd got this thing open.

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Not much help but they are the same as my drive shafts I took off a sierra a few weeks ago. As I owned the car for a 3 months and decided not to strip the CV joint just clean old greae out and replace the boot/gaiters from ebay (Stretch cv boot kit) comes with a grease pack. I did replace the wheel bearings.

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Guest Toejam

Thats good news at they are actually off a Sierra then !


How did you get the cap off to clear out the grease without destroying it and the rubber seal ? i had a pig of a job opening this one up and have to cut through the cap.


I don't suppose you could PM me the reg from the Sierra yours came from could you ? Will make life a lot easier getting the parts ?



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Guest Toejam

You say 2 types......


I'd tracked it down to being the Tripod variety, but all the info I could find on those drive shafts showed the main body of the joint like this...



(Borrowed img, thanks Joey ;) )


Not with the enclosed body like mine have (Hence all the questions)

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