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Fog & Reversing Light Packers

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I am after some rubber packers for my fog and reversing lights. I have attached them to the rear of the car but they need to point parallel to the road. Doe`s anyone know where I can buy the tappered rubber wedge from?





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I got some thick perspex from work, cut it to size and correct angle- was easy. Drilled a hole through from the back for the cable. And it looks very discrete, you dont really notice it. HTH, Brian

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Hi Graham

I don't know if it helps but I just packed out the light fittings, covered the bodywork with cling film and filled the gaps with black mastic used for sealing gutters and smoothed with a dam spatula. This mastic goes quite rubbery so can flex if needed. HTH Ian H

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Throw the bracket away,, or use it to attach your nose cone to the chassis,


Bolt the lights straight onto the back panel,





Do your lights point into the air then? I take it you are worried about light emmiting dimiensions for iva?

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