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Suspension Bushes


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Guest Spencer Griffiths

Hi, the black nylon bushes go in very tight, a bit of grease helps. The metal inner tubes then go in reasonably well, sometimes by hand, I had about 2 that fell out. The idea is that the inner tube gets clamped tight with the washers/chassis mounts and then the plastic bushes rotate around the inner tubes. So yes it should be fine. As Nick (Shaft) has said take your time and measure each one individually, they should stick out my about .5mm either side of the black bushes. Although some of mine are well flush. I think the new inner tubes being supplied by GBS are a better fit, most of the early Zero kits they were a good 1.6mm too long and had to be trimmed down. Its also worth making sure that you take your time fitting the suspension and getting the washers in if needed. If you need anything PM me and I will see if I can be of help.


Check out my build photos.





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I agree with Spencer totally. The rear bushes went well but the front had to use extra washers because the bush and tube was too short and I didn't like the thought of the front suspension arms sliding front to rear.




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Guest gixerboy600

Hi ,


As Mark mentioned the front upper wishbone will need spacing with either washers or a spacer. The wishbone needs to sit to the rear of the mounts.







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