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Where To Test Drive Before Iva

Guest red-col

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Guest red-col

Afternoon All,


My query is as the title sugguests... Where can I take the car for a test drive before my IVA?


I want to give it a quick run just to make sure everything is as you would expect it and nothing drops off whilst being driven!


Last time we spoke to Richard at GBS he said "just take it to langar airfield, thats where many people used to test them, you can just turn up and drive on the airstrip." Does anyone know if this statement is true? Ive read on the internet it used to happen quite a lot but I cant find anything more recent to suggest this still happens.


Alternatively does anyone know anywhere to take the car for a test run?


Forgot to add were south nottignham based but willing to travel a reasonable distance.



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Guest scrabster

hi, i trailered my car to a big industrial estate on a sunday morning and give it a blast,found out the speedo settings i put in were wrong ,according to the milage i had done 7 miles in about twenty minutes so i knew something was,nt right. hth.


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Hi, Don't know if it's strictly legal, but I insured mine on the chassis number from 3 days before SVA and booked it in for an MOT. I drove to and from MOT for a shakedown run and got them to set the tracking whilst there.

They didn't actually MOT the car ( as in issue a certificate), just gave it a look over to see if I'd missed anything obvious.




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