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Hydraulic Clutch Mt75

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Hi guys is it possible to have a hydraulic clutch fitted to a MT75 box ive got a pedal box that can be used for a cable clutch or a hydraulic one. basically when I bought the pedal box the company sent me everything to make the pedal box hydraulic as well. how easy can it be done or is it a major job.



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There are a number of companies that will do a hydraulic clutch conversion kit.

Rally Design, Burton Performance, Demon Tweeks.

Generaly 2 solutions.

1 an internal one that replaces the clutch leaver and fits over the input shaft.

2. A hydraulic ram that acts on the clutch leaver, sometimes outside the bell housing, sometimes inside.

I have seen a system that uses a very small cable or rod connected to a lever on the chassis that is acted on by a hydraulic cylinder.

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