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2B Plus - Wishbones For Sale


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The time has come to sell our Robin Hood 2B (wishbones).


It will be a sad day when Frankie no longer lives in our garage but the reality is that we have had time for a very few days out over the past two years and we feel that the car deserves to be out and about more.


The car has been built to a very high standard with MK cycle wings on the front wheels and Westfield seats. The front shocks are AVO and the rears are GAZ, all are adjustable. The car is fitted with a 2.1L Pinto engine rebuilt by Vulcan Engineering to the 160BHP spec. Fuelling is provided by twin 40 Webber carbs with K&N filters whilst electronic ignition keeps the sparks coming. The loom has been partially replaced by a Premier loom and has never caused any faults.

The car is kept garaged and it has rarely seen rain but does come complete with full wet weather gear. More normally the car is seen out and about with a cream coloured Surry top that keeps out much of the wind and stops me from getting sunburn on top of my head. In addition, the car has a cover from Cover Systems that can be used if the car is to be left parked for any length of time – such as outside a hotel overnight.


The car is fitted with a tow bar and comes complete with a camping trailer by Suncamp.


The car will be taxed and given a new MOT A.S.A.P.


price £5000.


Call Nick on 07968 484235




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