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No Longer A Rh Owner

The Modfather

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Well, the car is sold (subject to full price on collection) and I would now like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me rebuild the car, donated or sold parts to me, given advice over the phone (Megadodo) especially with those pesky stalks!!!! and anyone else who has assisted along the way.


I had a great week in Le Mans back in 2010, met some great characters, especially Big Lee's dad, and everyone else who was there of course. I will never forget the week, and everyone who made it so enjoyable.


A huge thanks to the TVH guys. They are a great bunch, and gave plenty of help, thank you all!


It's been emotional



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Hi Daz,

Sorry your having to let the car go. I do understand the reasons and hope your back gets better soon. Please do make sure you get professional help for back as in most cases it can be sorted (my wife is a back care advisor). Don't suffer unnecessarily (that's why we get married :rofl: ). I have just offered my services to another electrical virgin near to me, I must be a glutton for punishment!

Best of luck.

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Well, chitty has gone, had one last blast and my back was killing me lol. It's off to Harlow in Essex, so if you see it, give it a wave for me.

Malcolm, I'm going in Friday for an op, gonna stick a camera in my back to find the damaged nerves and then inject something around them to block the nerve. Really looking forward to it:........not!


I will continue to come on the RHOCAR site, and if shift allows will try and pop to the TVH meet to see the guys.


Thanks to everyone for helping me, and hopefully my old Hood will have many more years ahead.



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