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Winter Driving Gloves Recommendations

Guest Dean Morledge

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Guest Dean Morledge

Hi All,


As I am looking to get the car on the road and the weather not exactly being warm I was thinking about getting some gloves that I can use when driving so was hoping someone out there might be able to make some recommendations as to some gloves that will keep my hands warm in the cold early mornings but also allow me to keep a hold of the steering wheel without it slipping out my hands!


I am not looking for some of the classic leather type driving gloves, I am looking for something a bit more modern.... My initial thought is to use some winter cycling/bmx gloves as these offer grip and can be quite warm. They might also help when I do go out cycling around the forests and when I come to do my charity bike ride in July (although I hope I wont need winter gloves for then!)


So any recommendations as to some warm gloves with a good grip would be much appreciated!



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I have a pair of ron thompson fishing neoprene gloves.They are quite good for the winter,have great grip on the wheel in the car and also have the added benefit of fold down/velcro bits on the fingers in case you want to have a quick pick of your nose etc whilst driving...All in all...good gloves..had them for ages now.

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