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Christmas meeting

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Christmas is coming, Bobby's getting fat, please put your name, in the old man's hat, if you haven't got a name, an alias will do, if we don't get that then we can't contact you. (with apologies to all for mentioning the "C" word so early in the year)


As above ladies & gents it's that time of year when we (that's all of us not just the royal we)need to put our names down for the Christmas meal. This year date selected is DECEMBER 8TH @ 12 noon for dinner at 12.30 in a pub south of Andover.

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Hi Bob, i suppose you had better add Wendy & I to the Christmas bash listing, at least that way you will have someone to thro' your sprouts at.


It's been many many months since we last saw anyone from the clan so hope more people will join us. YES YOU LOT PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND ADD YOUR NAMES TO THE LIST,


Hope to see you all very soon


Vic & Wendy

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As its a busy time of year for the pub trade we have been asked to give final numbers for our December meal and get together. So the cut of point will be midnight on Sunday as we are only a week away.

There will be a traditional Sunday roast (including the famous buffalo) as well as the normal pub menu.

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Folks, as yet no conformation from any souls above. If possible please reply if attending or now unable to make it. I have the following guests listed; Chris, Becks & Tasha --- Vic & Wendy --- Me & Mo --- Dave & Jackie --- Steve & Val . Possible additional guests were , Richard & Mary --- Nick & Dena --- Rob & Ed ( plus their partners?) Time is getting short folks & the pub would like to know actual numbers ( We had provisionally booked seats for 20)

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