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Fuel Tank Sender Seal Leak

Mark Cosh

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gave the car a shake down today and pushed it hard only to discover a nasty leak when cornering from fuel tank.


have identified source as the sender seal, i removed to find of the 4 bolts welded to the tank, 2 had been over tightened and riped a hole in the tank.


so i guess my optiins are, 1 removed tank, reseal with tank repair, drill 4 holes and place new bolts through the neck of tank hole?


2. buy a different tank?


unless any one has any better ideas?

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If you are using the Ford sender unit you can mod it as i did by fitting the original petrol tank boss from a ford tank, cut it out of the tank and bolt inplace, your sender will just screw in as it was intended to. info & pic in my garage. HTH

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you can cut a flange from plate (4 to 6mm) drill and tap to match your tank /sender

fit studs to the ring

cut a slot between 2 of the tapped holes..... you can thread it in and hopefully fit it inside the tank without loosing it inside


worked ok on mine

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took te tank out today and having a plate made to rebolt too. thanks for advice. unfortunately the car developped another problem today on a longer run using up the full tank before removing with oil blowing and a temp misfite. will create a new post under engine.

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