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Can Anyone Help Find My 2B, ?

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Can anyone help trace my 2b please ?

Its easy to identify, the number is B2 RHE


The gentleman I sold it to in 2009 lives in Oxford and I've lost his details. He doesn't seem to be on here either. I think his name is Graham Jones.


there is now room for Old Smokey to come home again, and I need to see him and chat to the present owner about ..................


Also there is no Area Sec for the Thames Valley.....................(My old role ).


Any help appreciated :)



Once a hoody always a hoody



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Hello Ian

I checked on it earlier out of curiosity and saw it was sorned, and got the 'Urge'.

My other toys are nearly all gone now and the return to a bit of raw driving again now I'm retired has a lot of appeal. I dont want to build again from scratch, and a lot of my blood and sweat still decorates 'Smokey'.

Nothing else has been able to replace the grin, the smell, the feel and the pride of driving my own 2b.

Reunited might be good for us both.

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Hi John.....

did you try this to see if any addresses ring a bell?




Also maybe a polite note to DVLA asking them to pass on your details to the new registered owner?


Best of luck....i've often thought of doing another kit, but I couldnt stand & watch someone else

driving away with the Hood....as you say too much blood & sweat went into it.

The kids say they are going to use it as my coffin LOL


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