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Guest el ingles

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Guest el ingles

I thought this forum was just for testing.


My post seems to have been successful and, given that you replied, I conclude others can read my post here too.


Thank you.

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Guest el ingles

Democracy is invariably only defined in the context of the ruling regime at the time.

My test was simply to see if my post survived and that others could read it.

Remarkably, a member of the Committee proved that to be so.

I am impressed, but not humbled.

I have also been offered unblocking of my access.

With anonymous relay access, why should I be ingratiating??

Incidentally, my annual wine production now goes to deserving locals without the hassle of couriers and recovering payment for the shipping from those who wish to do so.

Win, win, all round, except from the back-stabbers.


Sorry to abuse the use of the Test forum; mods delete if you wish.

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