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205 Block


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If all you have got is a bare block don't assume it is std bore, it might well have been bored out.


Get a DTI gauge into the bores to get a measurement or take it to an engineering shop and get it measured accurately.


Are there any ridges on the tops of the bores ? if so I would be having it re-bored with pistons supplied to suit, new pistons in old bores isn't really a good marriage in my experience.

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Ford had 3 standard size bores and several slight over bores you could have any of these in a standard engine

That said rings is rings it's just the gaps that need setting.

You could be lucky as I was recently and find that the new rings are within tolerance when measured or you may need to use a ring gap file wheel.

Rings are very hard and the gap faces must be filed parallel when fitted, not easy by hand

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