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2B Build Dvds Wanted

Mark Anyon

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They are all on "you tube" if you do a search.


Enjoy your long sleep watching them!!! :lazy: :lazy:


When you have watched them all, in the 4 th one Richard tells you that he made a mistake in video 1 and not to do thing as he had told you to !!!


So watch them all with out expecting much from them !!

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Search for Robin Hood Build Videos on YouTube. I started to embed them in a thread I named 'info gathering'. A guy called 'Ivan Sandford' uploaded them - you can do a search for him too.


Tbh, they jump around all over the shop. They have no logical sequence, they are also badly filmed with RS and his cameraMAN!


Your best bet, get the films from Simon and then do as much other digging around. I have found everyone at RHOCAR to be really helpful. So once you have gone doolally (watching the films). Come back here as everyone will help you out.


Good luck 👍🏻

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