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  1. Rest in Peace Dad, he sure knew how to build a great car or 2! Condolences to all the family
  2. Hi Lloyd, Hello, I'm in Ramsgate with a Superspec. If you want to have a nosy at a completed car, take some pics etc, then drop me a pm and we'll get something arranged. Cheers Al
  3. Apologies for the lateness Bob, been away on hols. A belated Happy Birthday Bob, hope you had a good day. Cheers Al
  4. If you go down the calibration route, to ensure it is done accurately you'd have to calibrate the whole loop, sensor, cable & gauge. It's no good doing one or the other (or both) as you may have a potential unknown voltage drop between the two in your loom, causing errors. If you have standalone gauge, couldn't you do a comparison at varying rpm (almost like spot calibrations) via a temporary 'T' piece, this will give you a known offset to apply. Simpler than trying to find a suitable resistor or full calibration (& cheaper)
  5. If the ends have a sharp end, I doubt if the lines will need replacing. Just remove and trim up, but trim with a rotary cutter (the type use for cutting copper pipe), then replace into the connector. GBS may have the pipe in stock if you really want to replace it
  6. Just a thought if you are using the standard supplied tank that has the red & white (flow & return) hoses. If you have the supplied red/yellow 'plastic' fuel hoses that push into the connectors, are they: A: connected to the correct ports? (from memory I think the red is the supply) B: have the ends of the hoses been cut with either pliers or side cutters? This may have left a sharp point on the hose that has damaged the seal within the push fit connector C: again from memory, but I think there may be 2 seals (o rings) within the connectors. Have the hoses been checked that they are as far into the connector as possible? It might be worth checking the hose ends and re-seating, but lubricate the ends of the hose with a little fuel before inserting into the connector
  7. Looks absolutely stunning Bob, what a lovely new toy. Bob T is referring to motion sickness tablets
  8. As Al says, the column is Mondeo, a Mk 1 I think. I considered a removable wheel, but the hub is a 2 part affair, with 1 part permanently fixed to the column with the removable part fixed to the wheel obviously. This does make the wheel sit closer to you as the whole affair is deeper than the Mountney hub originally supplied. Have you considered a flat bottom..............steering wheel as these can be supplied in a slightly smaller diameter which increases leg/belly room
  9. Deano, have you tried re-calibrating your ETB speedo after the re-wire? There are a few methods, but the one I used was to drive for 1 mile at a constant speed. There are instructions on the ETB website if you have lost the instructions
  10. Thanks Bob(s) & Mo. Just chilling out with a glass of cold fizzy water Perish the thought of long trousers.........
  11. Wow, that would be one hell of a snowman! 5 car crash at the bottom of our road Wednesday morning, one pedestrian hit by a car. Only then did the council grit the road
  12. Many happy returns Bob, lemon tonic water..... really? Have a glass or 2 of red, they'll be better with the steaks which i'd happily offer to cook for you. If I could get out of my road of course. Hope you had a great day young sir! Take care Al & Lana
  13. Pack arrived today, only got 1 sticker, but then again I've only got 1 windscreen! Nice striking colour though
  14. Hi All, A group of us did this a couple of years ago and had a good day out eventually ending up by the seaside in Ramsgate. Unfortunately I cannot make it this year due to a prior engagement, but if anyone fancies a run out with up to 400 cars finally showing up, then here's the link with all required info. http://rommcc.org.uk/bucket%20and%20spade%20run.html Fortunately this year you won't have to dodge the cow poo as the set off point is a car park at a garden centre Cheers Al
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/ Whoo Hooo, thanks Richy!! Link above is a test but now working Thanks again Richy
  16. Thanks for the replies folks. I can't post any sort of link or copy text, even when I use the insert link the pop up box freezes the screen and I have to exit the site and re-open. Richy, i'll have a go with your suggestion and hopefully that will sort things out
  17. Am I being stupid, but I cannot post links either by copying / pasting the link or by inserting the link using the insert link tab. Any help appreciated or is this something admin can look at please? Cheers Al
  18. Sorry Bob & Stephen, limited holiday allowance
  19. A hangover - too much Adnams Broadside on Christmas Eve...... And some new shorts
  20. I think there may be slight differences in the Lobro (bolt on) drive shafts Al, if you go this route. But I can't remember the sizes (or am I howling at the moon?) I think the trailing arms are the same, just unbolt the drum assembly and bolt on the disc carriers The only difference on trailing arms is between estate and hatchback cars Brake pipes may need re-jigging a little
  21. Al Milton

    Bob & Mo's Bbq

    Thanks to Bob & Mo for organising yet another great week end BBQ. The model plane building was good fun with some great (and some not so great) flights and crashes, Many thanks for this Bob T. Just think, all that supergluing and only 1 person managed to glue himself to a glider - wonder who that was eh Bob T? Everyone had fun, socialised and participated - that is what it's all about A good week end, did it rain - I didn't notice!
  22. Al Milton

    Bob & Mo's Bbq

    Bet Monday's weather is glorious
  23. The car in front won't spin off Richard as the government will have set the speed controller max power at 5%
  24. Sorry to be controversial, but you are all wrong! The government has a devious plan for us to get our electricity with zero emissions in this country - we will buying a heap of it from Belgium!! Just google Nemo Link - the UK switching station is being built 5 miles from me at Richborough. Sorry but I can't post the link myself. Edit: Forgot to mention, we already get a load of electricity from France at peak demand times Then, the master plan will also be to upgrade the entire road network with conductive strips, so that all of our electric cars can have a Scalectrix style pick up between the front wheels. This will solve the battery vs range issue! Electricity will be charged (along with your road tax) via a 'smart meter' which will be billed at your monthly MOT / pick up brush replacement. The companies conducting the road upgrade will be owned by conglomerates of MP's charging the government (us) absolute shedloads. The upgrade could be completed cheaper, by rigging tram style overhead power cables on the road network, but this will not be given permission obviously because they may be a threat to the greater haired, short legged, long eared flying wombats. Or, maybe James May had it right. We'll all be moving around the country in open topped cars with sails - but we'll have to remove the engines obviously. Or, back in the real world, the government could go to the fuel companies and force them to reduce or totally remove the nasty emission causing additives in the fuels, just as they did when they took the lead out of petrol. I'll get me coat.............
  25. Al Milton

    Bob & Mo's Bbq

    Sou'westers packed!
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