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Engine / Carb Set-Up


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Hello Guys,


I am in the process of looking for our first Car, and have asked some questions already, but one thing that I would like to know is if anyone can recommend a good place(s) to get some work done.


I am based in Doncaster but will travel within reason.


I am looking for somewhere that can set the carbs up properly so that the engine can run properly and not run lean, or miss etc.


I have a chance to buy a car that looks very nice, but needs to be set-up properly.


Its running a 2.0L Pinto with new twin webber carbs


Anyone kindly point me in the right direction


Many thanks

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Hi,quite a few places to go to, but I think the nearest one is John sleath,and he's in Conisborough never used him myself but heard good things about him, I'm in doncaster but I went to autotronix at Dinnington, done mine twice now reasonable price and does a decent job


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I know John Sleath very well. He runs a car in the same class we run in.

We take Rays Corvette there to get it setup. (from Sidcup to Conisborough!)

Probably not cheap, but very conscientious & thorough.


Dont be put off by the farm he lives on,

or the barn where the RR is fitted....he know his stuff!!

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