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What Are Your Opinions On This Chassis...bit Different!

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If the chassis isnt well supported it may bend where there are just the lengthwise

chassis rails. Maybe the floor panels will do the job.


Just found a pic. of the original chassis....that doesnt have what I expected either....

Its many many years since I built mine & the memory isnt too good..

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Here is a picture of a chassis I saw on ebay, after studying this the only part on mine that is different is the bar that goes across the engine bay, I just have a corner part for the steering rack. Not completely across http://postimg.org/image/b4byr77ih/also looking into the wishbones I'm much more tempted after reading your comments! Does anyone know anybody selling an old set? Also looking on gbp there are two different types but the pictures and discription are the same? Many thanks for all you help....joe

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One type is with straight side bars that nearly hit the springs and make caster adjustment somewhat limited.

The second set for the 2b from GBS is what they call the new handling kit. There is a bend in one arm and they give a 6/7' rake for caster.

Mine was wishbone when I bought it but the improvements when I fitted the handling kit made the expense well worth while.

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Not sure mate. As add says ask the seller.

If not off a rh, be weary.

If they are, do they fit your particular chassis model.

The large bottom one looks about right but will take measurements from mine tomorrow if you woul like.

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If you have Time, they do appear now and again but not the better new type.

As you said, bite the bullet.

It is Christmas after all, so another prezzy won't be out of order. (Especially if swimbo don't know of it).

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