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Paul Philpot

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In 2004 when I bought my kit, the 2b had sliding pillars and mild steel chassis, where the 2b plus had wishbone front suspension and stainless chassis.

Upgrades were available of course, so you may find sliding pillars and stainless, etc.

Other years may be different.



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With a 2b+ the whole suspension assembly pivots up and down (like an F1 car) and with the siding pillar the arms coming out of the car stay still whilst the hub "slides" up and down a shaft ...

Mines a sliding pillar and I looked at changing it but couldn't see the benefit in chopping and re welding the chassis when it works ok as it is... Just needs the shaft nipples greasing and checking bolts here and there....


Think the front on a 2b+ is slightly wider.... But not wider than the rear width

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The " PLUS" was a package of bits RHE sold as extras in 2001.

I still have all the old documentation, included the brochures !

Nothing to do with mild steel or stainless.

Just an additional cost load of extras RHE made available -- I bought them and called my "2B Project" a 2B plus to the DVLA.


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