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Won't Fast Idle


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Hi Guys,


I have fitted a 32/36 DGAV weber to my CVH engine, but have been having problems with cold start/running. When the choke is fully closed/on, I just can't seem to get enough air into the engine to allow it to fast idle. In other words its running super rich.


If I push the butterfly flaps open the it picks up ok.


Should I continue to drop down the main jets/ up the air corrector jets, or should I modify the butterfly flaps by drilling some holes into them?


I have refurbed the carb' including the power valve etc and these are working as expected and the float level is correct.


Everything seems great once warmed up and choke comes off.





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Theres an arm/rod that connects from the choke arm to the throttle arm

There is an adjustment screw that looks like the slow idle adjustment screw

which works on a cam.

It sounds like it just needs adjusting..unless the screw has fallen out?


Try this....https://www.google.co.uk/search?newwindow=1&biw=1366&bih=643&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=weber+32%2F36+choke+fast+idle+screw&oq=weber+32%2F36+choke+fast+idle+screw&gs_l=img.3...239435.241036.0.241394.

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The choke butterfly should not completely close sealing all the air flow.

As Bob says, there is a fast idle adjuster for the choke to throttle. This would not cure the fact you are taking all air supply.

Not sure you can alter this if temperature controlled.

If it's cable then it should be easy enough to rectify.

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What type of choke is fitted?

The most usual are water temp. controlled, or manual.

It's Electric, Bob.

But I think 2B Cruising has the answer. I have twisted the electric choke so far round so that it does not come off choke/fast idle too soon, that it closes all the air off.


Think I might convert to manual choke.


thanks all..

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