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Clutch Slipping


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I think its time for a new clutch. It has started slipping on hills and hard right foot. I`m not up to the job as its engine/gearbox out I believe. I`m a tinkerer not a major mechanic. Obviously I need to keep costs down as much as possible so I will source the parts before handing it over to a garage. Does anybody know the size for this car. There are several variants. 1600 Pinto from a 1985 Sierra with 5 speed box. It is the long stroke engine. I only know this because only the longer cambelt cover fits it. The Haynes manual gives 190mm or 215mm (for later models).

Does anybody know of a kit car friendly garage in West Sussex, near Arundel? I think my local will be up to it but there may be a lot of scratching of heads and talk of big bills! And I know this an impossible question but what sort of bill should I expect? I can see various kits on ebay at around £60 for friction, cover and bearing but how many hours in the hands of an expert?

By the way I have ruled out a badly adjusted cable I think. With peddle against end stop I can pull the cable from the bulkhead about 10mm. I think this is right?

All help appreciated!



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Guest Ian & Carole

Why don't you put out a call to all the "Hoodies" in your area, most will turn up and offer help and advice whilst taking the mick, drink all your tea and hobnobs.


If you are lucky you might get the clutch changed as well. :rofl: :drinks:

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I should up date this because the slipping went away. I suspect my very tall son who cannot rest his foot under the clutch pedal was resting it on the pedal. He denies it! It was him who reported the problem but I have had no slipping since. Maybe he overheated it and glazed it. I suppose it is possible that the adjuster got out of whack somehow and my fiddling solved that . Anyway..happy days. No new clutch needed...for now.

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Guest lotusPaul

To be honest it's a standard Ford item.

Take it off and take it down to local parts supplier. They should easily be able to cross reference your numbers.

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Update. Having done some severe clutch tests trying to make it slip it is fine! I think my theory of my son resting his foot on the clutch must have been correct. Anyway, one job crossed off the long list!

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