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Diode Resistance


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I'm having a problem with my motorbike not starting. The troubleshooting guide in the service manual asks me to check continuity on the neutral diode, saying there should be a 'small resistance' between the terminals, with the diode out of the circuit (no voltage).


I've measured 750 ohms - is that considered 'small' or is it broken?

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Are you testing using the "diode" setting on your meter?


If so, that could be reading the 0.75 volt drop that is normal for a diode. A diode acts like an open circuit when the wrong way round in your circuit and a short circuit when the right way round. If you place a low watt lamp and diode in a series circuit from your battery, most of the battery voltage will appear across the lamp with a small 0.7 volt drop across the diode.


Hope that helps? (It's late and I should be in bed !)



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I was measuring resistance, not voltage. Turns out that 750 ohms was fine (according to Honda mechanic at the dealer). I put the diode back in, wiggled a few more connectors and suddenly it fired up - must have been a dodgy connection somewhere... :search:

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