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Smallways 2017


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Smallways weekend - Now confirmed Friday 16th JUNE and Sat 17th JUNE .

Date is in the diary. So what's it all about for those who have never been.

Cracking venue - Free camping - camping in PUB GROUNDS - run out on the Saturday - back to Pub - what more can you ask for. Everyone welcome..... Post below if you want to come..... Cheapest weekend on the calendar or most expensive if you drink a lot...

For anyone that hasn't been, this is an event I organise. It consists of a fantastic pub in the country where we camp over Fri and Sat just behind the pub. Usually an excellent run out on Saturday before heading back to the pub. Landlord lets us tip up anytime Friday and pitch a tent in the pub grounds. Or there are some local motels if you need some slates above you head.

Arriving to camp anytime PM on Friday 16th. Camping Friday and Sat night FREE!!!! In the pub grounds.

I have now confirmed date with Landlord and I will try and book the sunshine !!!! Will be a run out for the Saturday. Usual 10.15 am getaway for anyone not stopping over Friday and joining us for the day run out. Please try and be ready with a fullish tank for 10.15 am at the
Smallways pub.

Location -
Smallways Country Inn, just off the A66 at Newsham, about 7 miles from Scotch Corner. (A1)


Cost - Nowt - Will be beer to be drunk though !!!!!

Facilities - Excellent country pub serving good food. Toilet and washing facilities.

Stuff to do - Your own thing, tyre kick whatever. Did I mention there is beer!!!

Motel Next door for anyone wanting to stay in a brick tent but be quick rooms go quick. Motel is called Rokeby Inn.

For those wanting to come please can you replay to this so I can get an idea of numbers for the Landlord. I will update the list here

Attendees so far :

Lee & Julie (Biglee)
Barry & Christine (Bazwaz)
Simon (Simon)
Kevin and Gayle
Alan (Alantoon)
Steve (Red7)
Ivan and Andrea probably. (Ivan the Terrible)

Chris Paddon (Chris27)

Graham (Rifleman3)

Mark (Mark Little)

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Sorry Lee,

I only just noticed that I had not told you on here that I would be their however as you know from last Monday's meeting I will definateley be coming.

Dont know why I thought I had done it, probably just because I'm daft.



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Alright Lee, I'm going to try and get across, got an air lock problem at the moment in the water system, what an absolute pain in the axxe these things are and the fans have stopped cutting in, how do you know if its bled right or not. Anyways all being well I'll get across


Cheers Mark

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Thanks for confirming. Landlord says plenty of space now the fence has been taken down and the paddock is open. Anyone else fancy a free camping weekend.


Cheers all - Fingers crossed for weather. See you Friday night.


Regards Lee

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I've just found out that the Raby Castle Classic Car Show is taking place on Sunday 18th June. This is a fantastic show, I've been going for years and it's only a few miles from the Smallway's meet. I urge everyone going to Smallway's to consider going to this event on Sunday rather than racing off home on Sunday morning as is usually the case. If it's anything like past shows they will encourage anyone arriving in a "Classic Car" to park on the exhibitors field and enter the various show competitions. Last year there were several 7's on show and lots of E Type Jaguars, MG's, TVR's etc etc as well as classic motor bikes and pedal bikes! Please google Raby Castle Classic Car Show for further information.

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