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3.5 Rover V8 Dizzy

Bob Tucker

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Guys, a friend's son is doing an engineering degree & he has a project to refurbish

a 3.5 Rover to running condition. He has the engine, & all the ancillaries

but he cant find a dizzy for it (at student's prices!!!)

The engine is either 83 or 85, & needs a female (I dont know what that describes)

electronic (not points) type dizzy.

Does anyone have any ideas where we might get one for him?

The budget is part of the project, so he cant pay big bucks.

Ta, Bob.

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Hi Bob, a quick Google shows that the early electronic dizzys had a male drive gear with a tongue that fit's into a slot on a female oil pump. Later engines have a female drive gear that fits onto the tongue on a male oil pump.


Just Google rover v8 female distributor

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Cheers Steve,

I'll pass that on to him.

He has to show that he's done the work himself, but I'll be

able to point him in the right direction.

He is on the autistic spectrum, so he struggles with some aspects of life,

but he really lights up when he can see a way forward on anything he does.

He has been starting to look a bit down now there is just one thing in his way, hopefully this will help.

Many thanks guys.

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