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Gdpr And Members Information

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The club maintains a database of members personal information to keep up to date records and to allow the distribution of magazines and membership information by post. The club will only use members e-mail addresses for direct communication in instances where postal communication via the magazine isn't practical. Your personal information will not be shared with any third parties, including other club members.

Due to the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, the club has reviewed its data collection and storage procedures to ensure compliance.

The database is stored in electronic format in a password protected file stored on a computer hard drive with a backup, also password protected, kept on external storage media. The database is maintained by the Membership Secretary and the file password is also know to other committee members.If you have any concerns regarding the storage of your personal information or don’t want your information stored, please contact either:

Chairman, Stuart Thomas (theduck) chairman@rhocar.org or

Secretary, Richard Byrne (richyb66) secretary@rhocar.org

On 8th June 2018, a forum community user posted a thread indicating that their personal information appeared on a members list that was hosted on a personal website indexed by Google.

The file was a members list dating from March 2014 when the community user was a club member. The file was quickly located and was removed from the website in around 30 minutes.

In this instance, an Area Secretary had inadvertently put a copy of the list on his brother’s server as part of a back-up of his own personal files. He didn’t realise that parts of this back-up were publicly visible and as soon as he was made aware of the problem, he took steps to rectify it.

This was a genuine mistake and the person responsible has apologised and it reinforces the club’s responsibility to ensure that members personal information is maintained in a secure manner.

Historically the club posted the members list in an area of the forum visible to the clubs Area Secretaries to allow them to contact new members in their area. In addition, when new members joined the club, the welcome pack that was posted out to them containing a list of other club members in their area. Since April 2015 this member list hasn’t been made available to Area Secretaries and since May 2018, a local area list is no longer sent out in the members pack and instead, new members get a list containing contact information for the club Committee and also the Area Secretaries.

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8th June was shown incorrectly as 8th May

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