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Clutch Woes

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On the drive to work this morning, nice sunny day, wind in my hair, dipped the clutch to change down for the roundabout ahead and *BANG* the clutch went straight to the floor! Quick thinking, knocked into neutral, coasted until I'd slowed, matched revvs and rammed it into 3rd. This made for an interesting last mile to work knowing that I couldn't stop or slow down, 3 cups of coffee and I think I've steadied my nerves!



Got it to work and put the bonnet up, looks like I've snapped the cable right at the pedal end. I've got the "standard" Sierra clutch pedal box with the ratchet adjuster, it looks just like the final nipple has come off the cable.


Does anyone know


a) if it can be re-attached somehow to get me home?

B) if there's a temporary repair?

c) how much of a world of pain it is to replace the clutch cable given that I can't actually see the bell housing never mind find the end of the cable?


I've got various tools at my disposal at work including gas torch


My first thought is a "chock block" type electrical connector and wind it down tight, but I'm open to suggestions!



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Cheers guys! As it happens there's a boat place about 2 miles away!! There's also a car place just down the road, but he couldn't do anything without a registration and of course give him the kit reg and it "isn't in the system" :rolleyes:

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When this happened to me I managed to start from stopped in first gear and speed matched to change to second and managed to get 10 miles home with the hazards going and some anticipation of traffic at junctions.

Not the easiest drive but it worked.

Cable I have now is for 2 wheel drive sierra cosworth.

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MacGyver himself would be proud - managed to get a bolt and a couple of lock washers in and tight enough to get me home. I have to say the alligator bonnet is the best thing ever for accessibility to everything!

New part ordered and arriving today. I found a local old-school motor factor who still understands "Have you got one of these?" rather than insisting you have every last bit of detail.



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