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Spare Wheel Support


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Hi Everyone,


Can anyone recommend somebody who can make me the spare wheel support for back of the car which is just tubing bent at two corners.

I have the tubing, but not sure how to do?

Any help much appreciated.


Can't believe these aren't avail ready to go on the shelf various sizes etc. SOMEBODY should corner the market on this!!!


Dave. 8)

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Yeah the stuff I had was maybe 3/4" hollow steel tubing, bent into a simple U shape, bolted up through the lower lip of the rear panel. By itself it wouldn't support a wheel as it would bend the lip under the weight, so you had a long length of threaded bar that went through the rear panel and lined up with a wheel nut hole on your spare wheel, and you clamped it up onto the back panel that way. The U support was arguably doing very little really, except supporting the number plate and light :)

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