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Quick Release Steering Wheel Hubs

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Hi All,


Does anyone know of a source for a quick release steering wheel hub that do not reduce the gap for the drivers arms.


I have been looking at most on offer and they reduce the gap by upwards of 60mm which would seriously affect the driving position.


The steering on my car is from a 1988 sierra as common on a lot of kits.


The only slimline fitting I have seen so far is from an American company NRG Innovations but their specifications are for Yankee cars, although I understand that a Mustang has the same fitment.


Any assistance would be great, Thank you?

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thanks for input, did you fit to a steering shaft adapter or modify the sierra steering wheel fitting? An aftermarket adapter I have seen is recessed and makes the install to thick therefore being unsuitable.

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I believe I used part of an old Mountney steering wheel sierra boss. I faced it off on a lathe to give a flat mounting surface for the quick release unit. I didn't use the horn push wiring in the quick release as my horn push is on the switch gear. I've used a flat steering wheel to give more distance. I'll see if I can get a photo posted up.


I don't think you can use one of the weld on units because of the way the Sierra column is designed and assembled.

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Likewise, I am uncertain about welding into the hex shaped shaft, especially with all the switchgear/locks etc. getting in the way.


I am concerned that to weld an adapter on would mean a complete rethink on the column controls, totally changing the dash - sounding long winded and excessively expensive.


For the I.V.A. I bought a used Westfield steering wheel as it was sure to be compliant with the regs, this I bolted to the centre boss from a standard Sierra steering wheel which I machined to fit. This sound much alike what you did with the Mountney assembly and might be the way to go. Advantage with using the Ford boss is that it will allow the indicators to self cancel and keep the steering lock (I know slightly redundant if the steering wheel is removable lol).


If you could get a photo I would be grateful.

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Got 1 of the type suggested by MarkBzero and cb750.


Found an old RS hub that was mostly there and with a bit of machining have got them to mate up, even maintained the steering lock - bit pointless with no steering wheel and self cancelling indicators :clapping:


Set up now great with very little play( will have to watch rubber pegs which could wear quickly) and hardly any loss of space, thanks for all the ideas - an economical solution.

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