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Wishbone conversion

Ian Craster

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Hi all,

I have purchased a S/S 2b project, I have read some threads about changing from sliding pillar to wishbone which is the way I want to go. Is there a conversion kit which is all bolt on and is there a S/S version.


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Guest Wilksy


I was in the same position last year, the only conversion kit that I found was steel and not stainless,

The 2b I have is stainless, however its not the 300 series stainless ( 304 / 316 / 321) so I'm going "Freestyle" and have acquired odds and sods of stainless to do it.

Having now stripped away the body panels I have found that the tube is 400 series. As far as I can find its the type used for exhaust systems but perhaps more importantly can be welded to steel by mig - though worth checking on a welding forum what wire is best.

The stainless grade is clearly etched on the tube of my chassis so I think will be found on yours to - regret can't remember what the exact spec last 2 digits are off the top of my head.

Had I known this before I started I doubt if it would have changed my original approach, I'm making 4 new cross members from a 50 x 50 x 2mm 316 box section I was given - wishbones will be fabricated in steel tube. Now deciding what original tube to cut away.


If anyone who is reading this is going to Stoneleigh with a wishbone converted 2B on the 5th I'd be pleased to run my eye and tape over it if you would allow.



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Red7 /steamer converted mine .parts were all steel from GBS but I had them all powder coated.  Cheaper than stainless. Have to be careful with stainless I was told it's more brittle. I'd double check that though

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