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2B Fitting Front Wings drilling holes

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Hi all,

my front wings on my 2B Superspec have been repaired and I now have to refit them. Does anyone have any idea of the correct way to mark measure then drill the mounting holes ?

The wings had previously cracked and are now whole again but I do not wish to ruin the refurbished wings.


Thank you for any assistance.





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Many people including myself don’t bolt them for that exact reason they crack. We bond them it’s how gbs Caterham etc still fix them now. I used tiger seal it’s a black pu adhesive widely used in car repair body shops and when it sticks it sticks. 

I first riveted some metal corner trim they use when plastering a house you give a larger bonding surface area. Then applied plenty of the tiger seal and sat the wings into the position I wanted them with supports and leave to set. For good measure I then ran some fibreglass on the underside of the arch and over the fixings to be safe.  


Hope me that helps. Mike. 

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Hi Andi😊

hope you and your family are all well and enjoying the sunshine today ?

Thank you as always for your kind words and input ✅

So I am guessing no one has had their wings blown off then ?


Will investigate further 👍🏻

Stay safe and well all please 🙏


Cheers 🥂


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